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So a few years ago I was working on a project that used JSON extensively.  Finding it very difficult to read HUGE globs of JSON, I decided to make a Flex app that would convert a JSON string into a Tree Grid.  Yikes!

So anyways, I decided that JSON isn’t going away, so I’d share with the rest of the world what I’ve done.  Check out my viewer or JSON Beautifier at

Now – there are a few things here.  I built this with the vision of being able to change any of the non-complex values (int, string) in the tree view, and having the JSON at the bottom update to reflect the new values.  This is kinda shaky, but like I said, this was just for me.

So have at it, try out my Flex version of a JSON viewer or JSON to tree view, and let me know if you have any issues.

JSON Viewer:

2 Responses to “JSON Viewer”

  • J says:

    Great stuff. If you are sharing, I would love to have the source code for this! (email works, or any other form of code sharing)

  • Jash says:

    Hi Kevin , am building a small project for my kids college on json and Rest api. Your JsonViewer seems to be exactly what we want to display in one of the screen. If you don’t mind can you please share the source code of the project. Thanks am learning flex now and still trying to figure out how can i get such a thing implemented. Please reply.

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