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Flash Camp Phoenix 2010

Flash Camp Phoenix went off today without a hitch; I hope everyone who attended got something good from it – I know I certainly did.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to be a speaker.  My session was “Programmatic Drawing in Flex: Curious about how graphics are handled in Flex? Ever try to explore the graphics API and gave up after .clear()? In this session we’ll talk about exciting topics such as updateDisplayList, gradients, bitmapdata, programmatic skinning and basic animations you can create with the underlying graphics API. We’ll also touch on how library tools such as Degrafa can supplement and enhance your knowledge of the API.”

We talked about some good, crazy, riveting, interesting and the incredibly sexiness of the drawing API in Flex.  I would like to hope everyone got *something* out of my presentation, so I reposted the slides, available at ProgrammaticDrawing and the source/sample files for what I could include, are all available at Flash Camp Phoenix Source Files.

Please don’t hesitate to ask a question on anything you saw, I’ll share as much as I can with you! Now go, make some sexiness with that API!

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