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Do You Like Me? App released to Windows Store

As part of my journey to build and learn new tech, I created a few applications for the Windows Store. The first application I built and got submitted, was “Do You Like Me?” – an entertaining application that asks the simple question – “Do You Like Me?” and will never allow the user to click […]

JSON Viewer

So a few years ago I was working on a project that used JSON extensively.  Finding it very difficult to read HUGE globs of JSON, I decided to make a Flex app that would convert a JSON string into a Tree Grid.  Yikes! So anyways, I decided that JSON isn’t going away, so I’d share […]

Speaking at the Atlanta Flex User Group

So I know everyone has been wondering when I’ll be speaking again on the ridiculously exciting topic on “Programmatic Drawing in Flex”. Well, if you’re in Atlanta on Wednesday night (9/15/10), then come on out to the Atlanta Flex User Group. RSVP for the Atlanta Flex User Group at There will be pizza, talks […]

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On my way to 360|Flex San Jose

So I succumbed to peer pressure again, decided to head out to San Jose for 360Flex. Grab your tickets and I’ll see ya out there! <360Flex Plug> I just bought my ticket for 360|Flex SJ! The show will be going down March 7-10, 2010. You can find more details at the conference website: If […]


Flash Camp Phoenix 2010

Flash Camp Phoenix went off today without a hitch; I hope everyone who attended got something good from it – I know I certainly did. I was fortunate enough to be invited to be a speaker.  My session was “Programmatic Drawing in Flex: Curious about how graphics are handled in Flex? Ever try to explore […]

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Creating a Kiosk with Flex

I spent a few weeks during my crazy busy schedule to put together an article on building a kiosk using Flex for Adobe’s Developer Center.  It’s a long read, but hopefully I explained everything well. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments on the article, it’s always good to hear what […]

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360|Flex Presentation

So 360|Flex went pretty good! I presented the Ticketmaster Kiosk and a brief insight into the designer-developer workflow that was used to create it. Check out the presentation from mine and others by installing the latest Adobe Media Player or add the RSS link to the developer network in yours (or visit Ted’s blog post […]

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Blog o’licious

Hey all- This is my first post to my new blog. Since I’m presenting at 360Flex in San Jose, I decided to start talking about what I’m going to talk about and other Flex related topics, etc. So here we go! Check out to find out about the conference!